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Baby Massage Class:

Class is taught by Laureen Fanucchi, Certified Baby Massage Instructor
Class is taught privately in person or virtually through Zoom or FaceTime.

Age:  6 weeks to 2 yrs old
Cost:  $80.00

Laureen will show you massage techniques, bedtime rituals, movements and essential oils.  This class can be helpful with the following:

-Birth Trauma
-Improve sleep
-Improve growth and development
-Strengthen digestive, gastrointestinal systems and circulatory.
-Help with discomfort from teething, congestion, gas and emotional stress.
-Improve muscle tone and coordination.
-mprove overall health


private and group sessions available.

Yomassage sessions is a combination of yoga, meditation and massage.  For more information please contact us.  

Reiki Healing Circle
Group Session with guided meditation and Reiki. 
Fee:  $40.00
Wednesday August 31st 7:30p.m.
Wednesday October 5th 7:30p.m.
Sign up contact us at:
(650) 344-8499 or

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